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Arabesque® 32" Wind Chime

Arabesque® 32" Wind Chime

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Arabesque® 32" Wind Chime

An Arabesque® Wind Chime is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone or honor a memory. But a Wind River chime is so much more than a piece of décor. It’s a moment of calm. It’s a reminder to rest. And it’s a cue to throw your cares to the wind—and just BREATHE. 
Arabesque® chimes give the wind a reason to dance. As our premier collection, Arabesque combines superior components and construction with inspiring details that set it apart and make your spirit soar.
Each chime features a high-density polymer striker, premium powder-coated tubes, delicate engraved details, and a softly scalloped windsail—for the perfect blend of strength and sophistication.
It’s everything you already love about a wind chime, elevated.

Arabesque® 32-inch Windchime
Dimensions:  32" L. Longest Tube is 15" Long, Tuned, to the Scale of A. Comes in 5 colors: Chocolate Diamond/Emerald/Garnet/Onyx/Sapphire

The high-quality sound and design of our Arabesque® chimes is available in this small size to get wonderful music without breaking your budget. 

The smallest size available in this line, it will enhance your yard or balcony without cramping your space!

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